Chrit Longmaid, Principal of reDefining Facilties

Chrit Longmaid, Principal of reDefining Facilties

Chrit Longmaid is the founding principal of reDefining Facilities, a consulting company specializing in sustainable facilities management.  A generalist with over 25 years experience in the construction and facilities industries, Mr. Longmaid has extensive knowledge in best practices associated with energy efficiency, building performance, resource management, and sustainability implementation for small to medium-sized businesses.  As a 2008 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, he was appointed to the non-residential subcommittee for the Sonoma County Retrofit and Renewables Program (what is now referred to as Energy Upgrade California).   In 2010, he graduated from the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute, becoming a certified Sustainable Building Advisor.   In 2011, he completed his BPI Analyst certification from the Building Performance Institute and acquired his BPI Envelope Specialist certification in 2012.  He is currently a certified HERS Compliance and Whole House rater from the state certified Calcerts Home Energy Rater program and has performed numerous energy audits in the field.

Nelson Family of Companies

Chrit Longmaid was the Facilities Manager for the Nelson Family of Companies from October 2000 to March of 2009.  His 16 years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industries acted as a solid foundation for his facilities expertise, and his management position in Nelson’s IT department provided him with significant technical as well as operational proficiency.  As an early adopter, he was involved in energy efficiency assessments and waste management practices while supporting over 450 employees and 18 locations in a fast-paced, fast-growing company.  He carried out lighting retrofits, HVAC upgrades, and other efficiency measures for several of the company-owned buildings.  After years of implementing best practices, he initiated Nelson’s environmental policy followed by a comprehensive green policy in early 2008.

As the green initiative process evolved, it became clear that sustainability brought a whole new perspective to facilities and operations that not only had a direct positive impact on the bottom line but inspired a whole new realm of employee engagement throughout the company.  From this new perspective came operational assessments and business process analysis that began to break down ingrained silo mentalities throughout the company.   Almost every division and department was involved in Nelson’s green initiative - from information technology and accounting to marketing and human resources, from facilities and maintenance to administration and procurement, from health and safety to risk management and strategic planning. Through inspiration came opportunity, innovation and collaboration, and as the vision broadened, so did the opportunities.

Realizing the never ending potential benefits of a sustainable approach, Chrit Longmaid expanded his vision by launching reDefining Facilities to provide sustainable facilities management services to businesses interested in  reaping the countless benefits of a more integrated approach to business operations. reDefining Efficiency was added in 2012 to pronounce the financial benefits of analyzing procurement, evaluating vendors, negotiating contracts and implementing cost effective measures that reduce overhead.  For more information, please visit www.redefiningefficiency.com.

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